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After 30 years in the construction industry, one thing we have learned is that running a business is not easy. Project management, accounting, scheduling, and estimating are some of the biggest challenges small and medium sized businesses have. Every project in order to be successful needs two key parts, a good estimate and good project management. A project with a good estimate but managed poorly will seldom be profitable, and a great project manager with a poor estimate will fight an uphill battle before the job even begins.

Knowing this, we have researched and partnered with three products that we feel are the best fit for small to medium sized business and have become experts in their use. In estimating, we have partnered with Planswift. In project management, we have partnered with U.D.A. ConstructionSuite and its online counterpart, Construction Online. In accounting, we have partnered with Quickbooks. We believe that these three products are uniquely positioned in the construction industry to provide the best value at the best price while remaining extremely cost effective. We offer comprehensive training in these three programs to help you maximize R.O.I. and build your company.

Intuit's QuickBooks suite of accounting software has long been THE go to resource for small to medium sized businesses. With today's complex tax laws and tight markets, QuickBooks can do all the heavy lifting for your accounting needs. As QuickBooks Pro Advisors, we can take the headache out of accounting by showing you the tips and tricks used by the professional accountants everyday, empowering you or your accounting staff to maximize the use of this software to streamline cash flow and grow your business.

Planwift 10 is one of the industries premier takeoff and estimating software programs. We have used Planswift from it's earliest days and watched it grow into the software it is today. It is the backbone of everything we do. Planswift's dedication to customer service is second to none. With our training you will unlock the FULL potential of Planswift, transforming your simple digitized takeoffs and spreadsheets into truly powerful estimates.

Whether you are using all three of these powerful software programs or just one, we can show you how you can streamline back office workflow processes, allowing efficient and effective use of labor resources and most importantly, helping you grow your business.

Construction Suite 12 is the latest and most robust project management software on the market today with over 20 versions available to tailor to your specific company needs. Construction Online is the online counterpart to Construction Suite 12 and between both products, you can relax knowing no aspect of you companies' project management needs are not being met. We at SilverWolf not only recommend this product, we use it exclusively in our daily operations with our sister division. From acquisition to setup to streamlining operational processes, we can show you how to maximize the use of this software and insure you never hear the words, "I think we are profitable".